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Exclusive Interview with Mackenzie Foy As Clara

Exclusive Interview with Mackenzie Foy As Clara

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Mackenzie Foy started as a model for Polo Ralph Lauren and Guess Kids, did some print ad for Disney, Mattel, Targe and more and then got her breakthrough role as Renesmee in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2. Since then she has played other roles such as her recent film Conjuring and now Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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While I was in LA last week for The Nutcracker and the Four Realms movie premiere, we had a chance to chat with Mackenzie Foy and talk about her role as Clara. As soon as she entered the room we had to wish her an early happy birthday because she is turning 18 on November 10. She smiled and thanked us and talked about her character, costumes and more.

Favorite Disney Movie

Mackenzie Foy: “Cinderella”

On Being a Classic Holiday Character

Mackenzie Foy: “It’s really fun. What’s beautiful about the Nutcracker is that it’s such a beloved story throughout many, many years, so it’s really fun to be able to play a character that so many people all over the world can relate to and have this childhood connection from seeing the ballet when they were young, and I think that’s really important to be able to do.”

Favorite Costume

Mackenzie Foy: “Purple party dress with the bustle.”

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On Getting the Role

Mackenzie Foy: “The audition was about 2 months long and did self-casting tapes. Then they flew me to London to do it in full costume- hair and makeup; a partial set; real camera. I got the call when I was in the shower one day. My mom answered the phone and said the director was on the phone. He asked if I wanted to be Clara and I accepted.”

Creating a New Holiday Tradition

Mackenzie Foy: “I definitely hope this is a movie that people wanna see every year. I think the film really captures the spirit of Christmas where you have that joyous feeling. I think it also has elements of the book and the ballet but with new twists and turns, and so it kinda brings in the younger crowd along with all ages to watch together as a family.”

Favorite Realm

Mackenzie Foy: “Land of Snowflakes because it’s blue, shiny and full of sparkles.”

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Advice to Young Girls

Mackenzie Foy: “And as for young girls, I hope they see this film and see that Clara is unapologetically herself- that even though she’s this young inventor in her time period, she still is this is who I am.  I hope they see that and know you can do that, you can be interested in science, you can be in interested in mechanics, and you can still wear dresses and those kinds of things.”

Favorite Scene in the Movie

Mackenzie Foy: “My favorite scene is when Misty Copeland performs a dance scene that is really beautiful. You will see when she’s walking on the stage and a castle or flowers pop up in the ground. Those were real. There were actually people making it all work. And so that’s actually a really cool thing about that.”

“And if you look in the background behind the chairs, all of the extras are color-coded, and so they kinda had an ombre effect and wrapped around the set like this canvas of night sky. And they had giant holes in the canvas that shone lights behind it so it looked like stars. And so the sets in this film are very intricate, and that one was one of my favorites just because it was so beautiful.”

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About the Movie

All Clara (Mackenzie Foy) wants is a key – a one-of-a-kind key that will unlock a box that holds a priceless gift. A golden thread, presented to her at godfather Drosselmeyer’s (Morgan Freeman) annual holiday party, leads her to the coveted key—which promptly disappears into a strange and mysterious parallel world. It’s there that Clara encounters a soldier named Phillip (Jayden Fowora-Knight), a gang of mice and the regents who preside over three Realms: Land of Snowflakes, Land of Flowers and Land of Sweets. Clara and Phillip must brave the ominous Fourth Realm, home to the tyrant Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren), to retrieve Clara’s key and hopefully return harmony to the unstable world. Starring Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy, Disney’s new holiday feature film “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is directed by Lasse Hallström and Joe Johnston, and inspired by E.T.A. Hoffmann’s classic tale.

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