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Exclusive Interview with Francesca Capaldi – The Little Red Haired Girl from The Peanuts Movie


the little red haired girl

The Peanuts movie hit the theaters on November 6 and is super cute if you have not seen it yet. Be sure to read my review of The Peanuts Movie if you want to learn more. This movie is a first-ever 3D CGI Peanuts feature film. Another major moment for the Peanuts film is the little red-haired actress played by Francesca Capaldi will have a voice. If you remember all the specials the red-haired girl appeared in never talked. You may have seen Francesca Capaldi on Disney Channel’s “Dog With a Blog,”.

Francesca Capaldi Little Red Haired Girl

I had the chance to participate in a Q&A with Francesca Capaldi on the day the movie opened in theaters. See what we talked about in the highlights of the conversation below.

It seems like a no-brainer that you’d play the Little Red-Haired Girl in The Peanuts Movie, but was it actually that simple? How did the casting really happen?

Francesca: I actually auditioned for Sally and another character but I ended up as The Little Red-haired Girl. They say it has nothing to do with my hair color, but I’m not so sure. But I’m really happy to be playing her, because she’s a great character.

Were you a big Peanuts fan before you got this part?

Francesca: My family and I watched the specials during holidays. Other than that I didn’t know too much about it. But since I was cast in the role I’ve gotten to know the characters and I really love them.

Who was or is your favorite Peanuts character? Why?

Francesca: I love Snoopy. He’s so awesome! I love how he flies his doghouse. He has such a great imagination. I also like Charlie Brown, too.

The Little Red-Haired Girl has never spoken before in any of the Peanuts specials — did you feel a lot of pressure being the first one to give her a voice?

Francesca: I can go both ways. It was easy not to have to base my performance off another voice that played her. But there was also pressure because I didn’t want to do a voice that people didn’t think sounded good for her. Basically I just used my natural voice. Steve [Marino, the director] really helped me create her voice.

In what ways are you similar to or different from the Little Red-Haired Girl?

Francesca: I’m similar to her because of her red hair. Other than that, in the movie she really likes to dance, which is the same as me. She’s nice and kind and she sees the good in people, and I try to be that way, too.

Tell the truth: Does the Little Red-Haired Girl like Charlie Brown as much as he likes her? Or is she going to break his heart?

Francesca: I cannot tell you that! They do end up being friends…that’s all I can say! We’ll just have to find out in another movie.

What was it like recording your lines — I understand you were in L.A. and most of the other actors were in New York. How did it work?

Francesca: Yes, I was in L.A. with Steve Martino, so it was just me in the recording booth. A lot of the actors were from New York. So it was not quite like I expected. When I recorded, there was no contact with other actors.

Since then, have you spent much time with the other cast members? Do you guys all get along? Do you hang out together?

Francesca: We didn’t actually meet until last Thanksgiving, then we started a chat page. We don’t meet up a lot since some of them live in New York. But when we did Peanuts tour, we got really close and hung out a lot.

Which do you enjoy doing more—being on screen, or doing a voice over?

Francesca: I would say it’s equally fun, because they’re both really different. Being on-screen, you’re doing hair and makeup and wardrobe and being with the cast. With a voice over, you’re just by yourself, nobody sees what you look like. But they’re both really fun.

Well there you have it! She is such a sweetheart and super excited to appear in the film as her first voice over. Be sure to check out The Peanuts Movies now playing in theaters everywhere.

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