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Exclusive Interview with Donnie Yen – My New Favorite Character from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Exclusive Interview with Donnie Yen

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Donnie Yen plays Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and is my new favorite character. He kicks some major butt in the film and did I mention he plays a blind character?! Donnie is so incredibly talented and is a huge star in Hong Kong. After seeing a brief showing of Rogue One and getting a feel for his character I was so fascinated to interview him and couldn’t wait to ask him so many questions.

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Playing a Blind Character

It was actually Donnie’s idea to play a blind character in the film even though he won’t take full credit but proposed the idea to the director Gareth Edwards as he thought it would be more interesting. He had to wear these contacts to make him look blind and said it was really hard to see out of them and had to take them out after a few hours and apply eye drops because they dried his eyes out. Even though his character was changed a bit much of the story did not need to be changed just a few minor adjustments.

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Closer to the Force

Being that his character is blind he has to feel his way thru life which then makes his character even closer to the force. His character is also very spiritual and he practices the force by feeling it.

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Bowcaster or Lightsaber

When his fans found out he was going to be in Rogue One they all thought he was going to play a Jedi and be given a lightsaber to fight off Darth Vader but he was not allowed to say anything due to embargo. But he thinks if he was given a lightsaber he could probably kick some butt with it and beat Darth Vader. Maybe in a future film, Donnie?

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Martial Arts Background

In the film you will notice how martial arts comes so natural for Donnie Yen. That is because he practices it and has for a long time. So it was so easy for him to kick some butt like a normal day in class. As for giving pointers for the rest of the cast he didn’t feel the need to interrupt what they were doing or overwhelm them and keep them from crafting their own character.

What is interesting to me is that the fact is Donnie Yen almost didn’t take the role because he didn’t want to leave his family for 5 months as he just got done filming another movie too. Then, he went to his kids and asked them if he should be in Star Wars and of course they said yes and then he realized he would be making history. So glad Donnie made the right choice!

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