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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

I am not a morning person at all, but as a mom I have to get up at the crack of dawn Monday – Friday to get my 3 kids out the door for school. Chaotic it is every single morning. From repeatedly waking kids up to hearing “I have homework” 15 minutes before the bus arrives. Then there is 5 minutes left and you realize no one has had breakfast yet. You panic, running around your kitchen trying to find something for them to eat but come up with nothing. I have a list of easy breakfast ideas for those busy mornings. Just make sure you have the ingredients on hand at all times so you are prepared for mornings like these.

Easy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

This is a good option if you need to take something on the go. Throw some fruit and yogurt in the blender and blend until smooth. Then, pour into a travel cup and go.

While you’re getting ready in the morning, put a piece of toast in the toaster. There are many options to put on toast such as butter, jelly, nut butter and more.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls.
These Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Breakfast Bowls are total meal solutions – no need to add additional elements to the bowls. They come in a variety of flavors such as Burrito Breakfast Bowl, Loaded Potato Breakfast Bowl, and Ranchero Steak & Eggs Bowl and are super easy to make. Just pop it in the microwave and in minutes you have a complete meal packed with at least 21g of protein with premium ingredients and sauces in each bowl.

Yes, these bowls are perfect for breakfast but also great for other occasions, such as a snack or dinner.  You can find the Jimmy Dean 9 oz. Breakfast Bowls in the frozen aisle in-store at Meijer.

All you need is milk, cereal, bowl, and spoon and you have a complete breakfast. It’s one of the easiest meals and fulfilling for the kids and adults. Plus, there are a large variety of flavors to choose from.

This is a good meal to have especially if you have a late lunch at work. Oatmeal can fill you up and is good hot or cold. You can even add some fruit and sprinkle with cinnamon for extra flavor.

Protein Bar.
If you have no time at all in the morning, a protein bar is a good option. Just throw it in your purse or bag and eat it during the car ride or at your destination.

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