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DIY Gift Wrapping Organizer

Updated February 9, 2016

Do you ever have a hard time finding what you need when you have to wrap a gift? Well, that was me! I had all my gift wrapping essentials stuffed into a storage tub and when it was time to go look for something, I had to take everything out and search through it all just to find what I needed. Whew that is exhausting! I decided to do something about and make an organizer for my gift wrapping essentials so I was able to find what I needed without the mess.


I was able to find this shoe organizer at Walgreens in the Back to School Clearance section for just $4.99. And the color was perfect as it matched my decor.  It came with 20 pockets already sewn together. To make this work, I had to re-vamp it.


At the top I used a Deluxe Seam Ripper and ripped out the seam so the 2 pockets could join together making it 2 large pockets instead of 4 small ones. This made it easy to store my gift bags in. In the middle I kept the smaller pockets to fit my bows, ribbons, and gift tags in. The next 2 rows, I ripped the seams at the bottom of the pocket so the wrapping paper roll could slide thru the hole holding it in place. Leave the last row alone so it can hold the wrapping inside the pocket.

Now you can start organizing your gift wrapping essentials and arrange everything how you want. You can then hang it on the back of your bedroom door and use it when needed. If you make one or have another idea leave a comment or share your picture on the Facebook Page.

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