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DIY Artisanal Ice Cream with The Curious Creamery

diy artisanal ice cream

You can make DIY Artisanal Ice Cream with The Curious Creamery at home in minutes of preparation.  And there is no heavy machinery needed, just a hand mixer, ice-cold liquid, and a freezer. Don’t feel guilty eating ice cream when it’s just 100 calories per scoop. And there is NO preservatives, gluten, trans-fats, or artificial ingredients.

curious creamery kit

I got the chance to try out a 32 oz. tub of Vanilla Bean to see how it works. Inside my kit was a 32 oz. recyclable tub, a bag of ice cream mix, and a vanilla bean flavor packet. I followed the simple directions inside the kit and prepared the ice cream in minutes.

curious creamery ice cold liquid

I used milk for my cold liquid and put it on ice for a minute. You can also choose water, tea, etc. as a cold liquid to add in the mixture. Pour the mixture to the level line on the container.

curious creamery mix

Next add the mixture packet provided into the container and mix slightly with a spoon to get the mixture moist. This will prevent the dust/powder from blowing everywhere when you use the mixer.

curious creamery mixing with spoon

curious creamery mixing with mixer

After you got the dust/powder moist you can begin mixing it with a mixer on slow for 30 seconds and then medium to high for about 3 minutes. Now you can add in the flavor packet provided in the kit to the mixture. If you want to add some crushed cookies, chocolate shavings, or other mixtures, I would allow the mixture to partially freeze and then add them in and re-freeze it again. This will prevent the pieces from sinking to the bottom of the container. If you don’t want to add toppings, then you can put the lid on the container and freeze for about 4-6 hours.

curious creamery ice cream

I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The ice cream was fluffy and seemed airy and light. It had a creamy vanilla taste that melted in your mouth. I found that the instructions were clearly easy to follow and found it enjoyable to make with my family. The Pro about The Curious Creamery is that it took us under 10 minutes to prepare. There are so many different possibilities of flavors you can create.

To learn more about The Curious Creamery head on over here.

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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