Dermal fillers and Doctor Medica

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Dermal fillers and Doctor Medica

Esthetic procedures have quickly become one of the highest grossing medical interventions. This is a very versatile treatment that can be used by practically anyone. Additionally, unlike some other medical treatments, which are used only in a case of sickness, esthetic treatments can be used at any time. In a sense, everybody can be a potential client at one point in his life. If we add the fact that global society is constantly trying to improve its lifestyle, it is logical that the people would be willing to invest money in order to counter aging process.

At first, esthetic procedures had only medical use. As the time went by, doctors realized that they can be used in a cosmetic manner as well. This led to creation of various procedures, most of which are still popular and are only improving with time.

When it comes to popularity, dermal fillers are widely regarded as number one temporary procedure. Although this treatment is fairly new, it instantly became a hit because of its great results. Have in mind that every type of esthetic intervention has a specific task. We cannot say that any of them can be used for all the issues. Same goes for fillers. They are generally used for lower regions of face. But, seeing their great potential, doctors are constantly developing new drugs that should be able to treat upper regions of face as well as neck and cleavage. Nevertheless, medical filler therapy is mostly recognized for its effect on lips and area around them.

As we get older, natural substances are slowly being depleted from skin. During this period of life, person will lose most of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which were present within the skin. As a result, tissue will become dry and saggy. There is nothing we can do about aging. It is a natural,irreversible process which is reminding us that our cells won’t live forever. Luckily, even though we are unable to restore previous functionality of the body, we are able to restore previous look to the face.

By using Doctor Medica dermal fillers, patient is able to restore hyaluronic acid to his skin. Have in mind that there are other substances which are used for creation of these drugs but up to this day, hyaluronic fillers remain the best solution. This particular matter is a naturally occurring sugar which is keeping water within the skin. By doing so, tissue restores its previous color and tightness. It is the most important component used for face-lifting.

Fillers are usually based on substances which are procured from bacteria and animals. They are quite natural and their structure is similar to our own. Because of this, dermal fillers rarely cause any side effects and body can easily absorb them. Furthermore, unlike other procedures such as surgeries, these drugs do not alter your appearance. They only rejuvenate your skin and restore it to its previous state. Because of this, results of the procedure are quite predictable.

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