Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom and a Holiday Miracle Saver

Confessions of a Stressed Out Mom and a Holiday Miracle Saver

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 Confessions of a Stressed-Out Mom and a Holiday Miracle Saver

Chapter 1
Confessions of a Stressed-Out Mom

Raise your hand if you’re tired of being the stressed-out mom over Christmas. I just want to spend time enjoying my kids, not worrying about all the holiday shopping I need to do. I will confess that this holiday season I’m lacking on everything from house cleaning to cooking.  I mean the kids are eating, but they may not be the best choices. I hear them yelling, “Mom can I have Pop Tarts for dinner?” And I’m like sure go right ahead as I continue to shop online narrowing down my holiday list.

And let’s talk about wrapping all of those gifts. In my mind I want to be that mom that wrap all the presents so pretty with the perfect little bow, but in reality it’s a hot mess. I’m just lucky that I have Christmas wrapping paper and I don’t care that it’s from 5 years ago. Let’s just say they are lucky it’s getting wrapped or thrown into a holiday bag.

I have put some thought into this holiday season and I have concluded some things.  This holiday season I’m saying goodbye to the stressed-out version of myself and hello to the nice-easy-going-relaxed version. If only there was a way to make this the best Christmas ever not spending countless hours stressing over the holiday.

Chapter 2
Holiday Miracle Saver

I do love shopping in store, but during the holidays, my life is busy enough. I like to shop online when I can and yes online shopping can save any mom’s sanity. Here’s my secret. I have a Barnes & Noble membership and it’s the best holiday miracle saver ever. Here are the reasons why.

  • 40% off Hardback books
  • Over $60 in Bonus Coupons to use in the store
  • Free Express Shipping
  • 10% off almost everything else in the store
  • It’s $25 and lasts a whole year

Just keep your membership card in your wallet all year-long so you can benefit from the rewards each time you visit the store or shop online.

Chapter 3
Wrap It Up

For all the moms out there, don’t forget that you can sign your kids up for the Kids Club and take advantage of cool perks, like $5 rewards for every $100 spent, goodies for their birthdays, and more.

You can save yourself the hassle and gift someone a Barnes & Noble Membership. It’s $25 and lasts a whole year. Buy everyone on your list one of these memberships and they can reap the benefits of being a Barnes & Noble member all year-long.

Let’s stop being stressed out mamas. It’s time to enjoy the holiday season again and I’m pretty sure I gave you all the tips you need to make this a reality. Happy holidays!

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