Comfy Travel Outfits

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In the fall/winter season, I live in layers. Being in Ohio the weather is unpredictable so dressing in layers is necessary especially when I traveling. It could be 32 degrees in Ohio and then 80 degrees in California. I do not travel unless I have my comfy clothes on because you should feel comfortable while traveling rather than uneasy.

I recently came across a company called Cuddl Duds that make fabulous comfy clothes for traveling that you can mix and match and dress in layers. These are the most fabulous clothes EVER!! They are made of the softest, silky and stretchy material depending on what you wear. Details of my outfit from my most recent trip to California is below.

Comfy Travel Outfits

Comfortwear Jogger Pant

Cozy fit and warmth come together in our Comfortwear Jogger with Pockets, an updated version of your favorite sweatpant with added stretch for total comfort. These are made of silky material that are lightweight and not clingy to your body.

Softknit Long Sleeve Crew

SoftKnit Long Sleeve Crew with thumbholes is a lightweight knit, lightly brushed for ultra-soft comfort, and with spandex for a flattering fit and flexibility. I like that I can wear this shirt with jeans as well so if I need to make a quick change when getting off the plane I can just change my pants.

Fleecewear with Stretch Long Sleeve Hoooded Wrap

Part of our warmest collection, our extra-soft Fleecewear with Stretch Long Sleeve Hooded Wrap is a cozy favorite for layering over your Cuddl Duds classics and other essentials. This is one of my favorite pieces. It keeps you warm on the plane so you don’t have to pack a blanket and it has extra fabric on the sides so you can wrap it around you.

You can find Cuddl Duds Kohl’s and right now they are offering 30% off women’s warmwear so be sure to check it out!

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