Cleaning Essentials for New Pet Owners

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When you first get a pet you may not know that it requires some extra chores around the house to keep it clean. Pets can shed, have an accident or leave a trail of muddy paws on the floor to name a few. I didn’t know what cleaning essentials to get until we got our first pet. It’s become extra helpful to keep these cleaning supplies on hand to embrace the messes our pets can make.

Cleaning Essentials for New Pet Owners

Lint Brush
A great way to gather pet hair off upholstery is using a lint brush over a lint roller. The brush will actually gather all the hair in a pile so you can easily scoop up and throw away.

Powerful Vacuum with Attachable Hose
For those hard to reach places where pet hair can build up use a vacuum hose. The powerful vacuum will also make it easy to sweep any hair off the carpet and hardwood floor.

Safe Cleaner Around Pets
Find a disinfectant that is free of toxins and is safe for pets to clean up any accidents or when they get sick. Make sure the product can be used on any surface.

Pet Bowl Mat
Protect your floors when your dog eats and drinks with a mat that goes under your pet’s bowls. This will make clean up a breeze especially if they drop their water or food.

Room Air Freshener
Pets can change the aroma of your household. Keep your home smelling fresh with a room air freshener of your favorite scent. Place in a high area to keep the scent flowing throughout the house.

Libman Freedom Spray Mop
Messes can pop up at any moment when you have a pet. Using the Libman Freedom Spray Mop makes clean up easy with a neck that swivels 360 degrees for extra control to reach tough spots. The microfiber pad gets deep down where dirt and grime are trapped and is machine washable up to 100 times. Use the Libman Freedom® Spray Mop to clean your wood floors, laminate, tile, marble, linoleum, stone, and more.

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