Castaway Bay: A Great Winter Escape

Updated September 4, 2015



On February 7th, I got the opportunity to attend a Castaway Bay Mom Blogger Event at Castaway Bay in Sandusky, Ohio. It was put on by Cedar Point Public Relations team and the team at Castaway Bay. If you do not know what Castaway Bay is, it is an indoor water park filled with water rides, playground, wave pool, kiddie area, jacuzzi, and arcade room.

The room was big enough for our family of 5 as there was 2 queen beds and we got a roll away bed. They also had a big enough bathroom, TV, and a workstation for us working bloggers. 🙂 We even had a nice surprise waiting for us of information for Lake Erie Shores & Islands, a reusable shopping bag, and a Sand Pail filled with snacks and toys for the kids.

At the event we got a chance to bond with our own families along with other blogger moms and their families. It was great to get to know each other and have fun with the family. They had a night of activities planned for us. When we first arrived we got eat a nice dinner of salad, chips, and pizza and it was “All you can Eat”.

After we ate, they had a family activity event planned for us as we got to decorate towels, a picture frame, and bookmark while enjoying an ice cream sundae. This was truly a great bonding experience for us and we had several laughs while doing the activities. We also got a picture take with Lucy who was strolling around the activity area.

Then, we went swimming in the awesome swimming area. And don’t think you won’t get your hair wet because you will especially on the Rendezvous Run. The Rendezvous Run is a 35-foot-high, 520-foot-long water roller coaster that propels riders uphill using water jets. This unique water coaster twists its way through the water park, shoots outside the resort’s structure in an enclosed slide and then spirals back into the complex.  I like we rode this ride about 20 times as it is so much fun. We continued on to the Wave Pool surfing over the large waves coming at us which go off about ever 10 minutes or so. And if you really want a fun adventure head to the Jacuzzi area where you can go outside in the freezing cold and it still feels good.


The kids love the playground area where the giant bucket drops water on top of you when you stand underneath it. It does this every time the bucket fills up with water. They also have lots of water slides in the play area for kids to go down. And for the bigger kids they can head down the 3 Tropical Tube Slides that are enclosed twisting and turning inside and outside of the water park.

Kids can take a challenge of crossing over the pool using a cargo net and lily pads or they can play a game of pool basketball where the pool is set up with several basketball hoops and balls. This is fun for the whole family to enjoy. And for the little ones there is a Toddlers Tide Pool where there are small water slides for the little ones and a shallow pool.


I had to cut my swimming short and headed to the “Mom’s Only” Event where we got to sample Ohio Wines which are my favorite since I have lived in Ohio my whole life and they also had some appetizers. My favorite food was the Bruchetta Bread with the Green and Black Olive Tomato Dip on top of it. I couldn’t get enough of it.

During the Wine and Food Tasting Event, I got a chance to chat with other bloggers around my area. It was nice to finally put a face to the people I have been talking with back and forth on Facebook. We talked about blogging of course and it was nice to talk with someone about that other than my husband who knows nothing about it. 🙂

At the end of the night we got to choose a bottle of our favorite wine out of the 4 wines we tasted.  I chose the Riesling Wine by Firelands Winery. It has a sweet taste and goes down smoothly with no aftertaste.


The next day we slept in a little bit and packed up. We headed to the arcade for a few hours of fun before we left. The arcade area is pretty big and has several games for all ages to play. The games don’t take tokens or quarters. You have to get a Play Card at the cashier area and load money onto it. When you get to the games you swipe  the play card to play. When you win tokens, it will keep track of them on the card so it is easy to go and redeem them. They carry a variety of prizes to choose from and my kids were satisfied with their choices.

It was then time to leave and by all means we did not want to go outside in the freezing cold weather as it is always 82 degrees inside Castaway Bay. We will definitely be coming back to visit for another round of fun for the family.

If you are thinking about planning a getaway with the family, Castaway Bay has several nice packages to take a break from this cold weather we are having. Head on over here and check out what Castaway Bay has to offer. You will not be disappointed and everyone will have a blast.

Disclosure: I was provided a visit by Castaway Bay featured in this post to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.


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