10 Beauty and The Beast Items You Need Before the Movie Comes Out

Beauty and The Beast Items You Need Before the Movie Comes Out

I am literally obsessed with Beauty and The Beast from the dress, to the rose, to the beast. I cannot wait for the real-life movie to hit theaters on March 17 and have accumulated quite a collection of Beauty and The Beast items over time. I thought I would share with you some of my favorite pieces so you can add to your collection and be prepared before the movie comes out.

10 Beauty and The Beast Items You Need Before the Movie Comes Out

  1. Rose Leggings – Buttery soft rose leggings paired with your favorite Beauty and The Beast tee and you are set for attire for the movie.
  2. Beauty and The Beast Tee – Pair a tee with jeans or leggings before you hit the theater. There are so many styles to choose from that I am sure you will find one that is your style.
  3. Funko Pop! Figures – Collect all of your favorite characters from the movie with these 3 inch figures. Warning: they are addictive to collect as I have already accumulated a large variety of characters.
  4. Beauty and The Beast Animated Blu-ray – Watch the animated version of the movie before you see the real life version. It’s fun to compare the 2 to see how similar or different they may be. Plus, it’s a great movie to add to your collection of Disney movies.
  5. Tsum Tsums – In addition to the Funko Pop! Figures the Tsum Tsums are also fun to collect. Gather all your favorite characters from the movie in mini size.
  6. Rose Jewelry – Show off in style with these elegant pieces of Rose style jewelry.
  7. Beauty and The Beast Handbag – Nothing shows your love for the movie more than displaying it right on your shoulder with a Beauty and The Beast handbag. I am in love with this large collection to choose from.
  8. Coffee Mug – Wake up with your favorite character from the movie in on of these coffee mugs.
  9. “Be Our Guest” Room Decor – Welcome your guests with these inviting “Be Our Guest” room decor pieces that are perfect for the guest room.
  10. Tea Set – Sip in style with one of these enchanted Beauty and The Beast tea sets.


Be sure to take the entire family to see Beauty and The Beast in theaters on March 17, 2017. In the meantime, check out these amazing new trailers.

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