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Be Prepared for Back to School with Ziploc Brand Bags

Updated February 9, 2016

be prepared for back to school with Ziploc Brand Bags

It Back to School time and life is hectic again but there is a way to avoid that with some simple tips to get you prepared for the week ahead. These tips will help you free up those crazy busy moments and focus on the more important things such as family and getting the kids off to school on time.

Ziploc Brand Bags are a great way to prep for Back to School ahead of time. The new easy open tabs make it easy for kids to grip and open them. The bags stay sealed and shut so nothing spills out and will stay secure in any lunch bag or back pack. One way I like to be ahead of schedule is by preparing the necessary items for a Back to School lunch such as Uncrustables and snacks ahead of time. I use the snack and sandwich easy open tab bags to help with my preparation.

back to school with ziploc brand bags

To prepare and save money I buy the regular size bag of chips and snacks and portion them out in Ziploc Brand Bags. There is no need to spend $10 on individual chips bags already prepared when you can make them yourself for just a few dollars. I also make Homemade Uncrustables on Sunday using a whole loaf of bread and separate them in Ziploc bags. I can then freeze them individually and grab them when needed. I can either thaw one out the night before or stick them in the lunch to keep other items cold while it thaws out by lunch time.

After I prepare the snacks, I sort them out into 2 bins: Snacks for School Lunches and After School Snacks. This makes it easy so I can just grab what I want to put in the kids lunches or the kids can grab what they want after school.  By doing this on Sunday saves me so much time during the week as I am not rushing to make something for their lunch in the morning.

Other Great Uses for Back to School with Ziploc Brands Bags:

  • Freezer Cooking – Prep a week’s work of meals in an hour by storing the ingredients in Ziploc freezer bags and sticking them in the freezer until ready to use. Check out my 8 Easy Chicken Meals in an Hour!
  • Box Tops – If you child’s school saves box tops, store them in a sandwich Ziploc bag until you have enough to turn them in. Each one is worth 10 cents towards the school.
  • Classroom – Teachers can use Ziploc Bags for their classroom to store items, projects, supplies, or flashcards.

There are lots more uses for Ziploc Brand Bags. What is a clever way you use Ziploc Brand Bags?

Disclosure: I was given the product featured in this post to facilitate my post. All opinions are 100% mine and not influenced in any way.

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