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Be Cable-Free with New Actiontec Products

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I am not a fan of cables everywhere as they just look messy and cluttered. Thankfully Actiontec has 2 new products MyWirelessTV 2 and ScreenBeam Mini2 to solve this problem. Not only do they help eliminate the cable mess they also stream wireless all throughout my home. And with a family of 5 this is something we definitely need.

ActionTec Wireless

MyWirelessTV 2 replaces messy HDMI cables with the convenience of wireless, so you can install an HDTV anywhere you want. Now it’s possible to connect your television to your set top box without having to use an obtrusive cable. You get the flexibility to network your home exactly how you want to, without investing in an expensive wiring project, or string wires throughout your hallways.

mywirelesstv 2

The set up for MyWirelessTV 2 was simple and only required a few easy steps. It comes with everything you need in the box and no special tools require. All you have to do is plug the transmitter to the cable box and then plug the receiver unit into the HDMI source on our TV. That’s it! 1-2 and you’re done! I am so excited to never see those cables hanging down from the TV anymore.

ActionTec screenbeam_0

ScreenBeam Mini2 wireless display receiver gives you the power to wirelessly mirror anything from your phone or tablet onto your HDTV: video & audio, pictures, apps, presentations, and much more. Use ScreenBeam Mini2 to share virtually any local or online content. Beam movies, videos, music, games, applications, presentations, documents and more. Enjoy better quality with a dedicated wireless connection directly to your HDTV! You don’t need an existing Wi-Fi network or wireless router for ScreenBeam Mini2 to work.


We just got an outdoor projector and movie screen and the ScreenBeam Mini2 will be great to use and watch movies outside without the hassle of cables. With just a click of a button it can play movies that I have saved from my phone, tablet or computer.

With Father’s Day coming up on June 17th this would make an awesome gift especially for the sports dad or one that has a man cave. You can find the Actiontec MyWirelessTV 2 and ScreenBeam Mini2 products at your local Best Buy store.

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