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8 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets Under $30

Updated February 9, 2016

must have kitchen gadgets

These days not everyone has a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. We are looking for simpler ways to get meals prepared so we have more time for family. What if I told you that there are some tools and gadgets that not only save you time spent in the kitchen but also money so you can serve up delicious meals without breaking the bank? I have rounded up some kitchen tools and cookware pieces, ALL UNDER $30 that will help make cooking easier, faster and simpler.


  1. Brew the freshest possible coffee (or grind nuts and spices) with the KRUPS F203 Spice and Coffee Grinder. It features a powerful pulse-action motor that grinds beans from coarse to fine in seconds. Its sleek design has a 3-ounce capacity that yields up to 15 cups of coffee at a time. $24.99
  2. The KRUPS Egg Cooker will ensure breakfast, lunch and dinner goes off without hitch. The egg cooker can boil up to 7 eggs to soft, medium or hard with a dual switch for boiling & keep warm setting. $39.99
  3. The IMUSA Ceramic Caldero brings a colorful twist on this staple cookware piece made for cooking a wide variety of dishes. The white ceramic surface is PFOA, PTFE and cadmium free and allows you to embrace a healthier approach to cooking, all while maintaining a superior nonstick surface that requires minimal oil or butter. $24.99
  4. The IMUSA Mortar and Pestle is great for crushing fresh herbs and spices.The GlobalKitchen Mortar and Pestle is crafted from bamboo and is eco-friendly, featuring red silicone accents that allow for better grip and non-slip bottom to easily grind spices, herbs, garlic and more! $14.99
  5. The IMUSA Red Citrus Squeezer is a handy tool that makes extracting citrus juice a breeze. This colorful and stylish hand-held press has an ergonomic design for comfort, and a bright red exterior finish to add a pop of color to your kitchen.  The squeezer juices lemon or limes quickly, without the seeds or mess.  $8.99
  6. The IMUSA Dim Sum Steamer Set allows for a healthy and fun way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. The weaved bottom allows steam to pass through, while multiple layers allow you to separate and cook a variety of foods at the same time.  $24.99
  7. The COOKINA Cuisine is an innovative product that creates a nonstick, easy-to-clean and healthy cooking & baking experience for any mom. Ideal for using as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper, users can place the cooking sheet on a baking tray or pan to bake recipes without having to use oil or needing to clean the tray afterwards. Available at for $12.99.
  8. The COOKINA Gard Oven Protector is a toxin-free, easy-to-use product that helps home cooks keep the oven clean with minimal effort. Home cooks need not worry about cleaning the oven after each use with this product. Users can simply place the oven protector on the bottom of the oven to catch every spill and splatter for an easier clean-up, without any odor. Available at for $12.99.

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