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7 AM Morning Routine with Little Debbie

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Little Debbie®. As always, all opinions are my own.

little debbie mini muffins

Mornings are not our thing. At all. They are rough in our house as we are more of late owl people. I literally dread getting up every single morning and so do my kids. You’d think after so many years of being in this routine it would get easier but it never does. Am I right moms? Instead of being a part of the Moms of 7 a.m. club, I am in the mom before 7 a.m. club as the kids tend to get out the door just a few minutes before the clocks hit 7.

Let me take you through a typical morning in our house and trying to get high school kids out the door on time.

6:00 – Wake up kids for school with a yank of the covers or bouncing on the bed.
6:15 – Kids get showered and then fall back to sleep.
6:30 – Wake kids back up with a yell up the stairs.
6:35 – Wake kids up again with a tickle to their face with my hair.
6:40 – Wake kids up again using the air horn app on my phone.
6:45 – Kids finally roll out of bed and get ready for school.
6:51 – Kids come downstairs to put shoes on get backpacks ready but then realize they are missing headphones, cellphones, etc.
6:53 – Mom is scurrying thru the house looking for missing items while bus is about to arrive.
6:56 – Kids are still not ready and bus is about to arrive so mom runs down to bus stop in her Star Wars pajamas telling the bus to wait.
6:57 – Kids run down to the bus stop and get on.
6:58 – Mom gets ready for work.

Now it doesn’t always happen this way every morning with me running down to the bus stop in my Star Wars pajamas. But there may be a I forgot to do a project, an “I don’t feel good” excuse, or they miss the bus completely kind of morning but you get the picture of how crazy mornings can be getting kids out the door.

little debbie on the go snacks

You may have noticed that there is no time for breakfast in our typical morning. Thankfully Little Debbie® mini muffins has that covered in our house as the kids can just grab a package of muffins on the way out the door. They can conveniently eat them on the bus or if at the bus stop if they get to it on time. Plus, mom can eat on the go too especially if everyone is running late or needs to run to the kids to school.

little debbie muffins

The Little Debbie® mini muffins are not only convenient but also fill you up until lunch time. These bite-sized treats are the right portion for anyone and come in chocolate, chocolate chip and blueberry flavors.  The blueberries muffins are baked with real blueberries, chocolate is baked with rich chocolate and chocolate chips is baked with real chocolate chips. Also, makes a great after school snack!

So how are your mornings? Are they as crazy as mine?

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