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6 Features on the Hyundai Genesis G90 that will Blow you Away

6 Features on the Hyundai Genesis G90 that will Blow you Away

I know I say I like a lot of the cars I review but the Genesis G90 blew me away. It literally spoiled me to the point that when I would get in my mini van I would realize everything I missed on the Genesis G90. This car really does have all the bells and whistles to a vehicle. There were so many things that I learned each day about the Genesis with a manual as thick as a bible. It is super smart knowing when features should automatically be adjusted or let you know with a warning.

front of genesis g90

I recently took it for a road trip to Chicago for a weekend driving 6 hours each way. With the Gas mileage at 17/24CITY/HWY MPG, I only had to fill up once each way. People stared and asked about it every time I drove it. What really intrigued me is when the valet guy at the hotel said that the car was amazing and he drives a Lamborghini everyday. Now that says a lot about the car!

inside the genesis g90

This car really does have everything but the kitchen sink. Check out these features on the Hyundai Genesis G90 that will Blow you Away.

Quiet and Comfortable Ride
Seats 5 people comfortably and increased 46.3 inches leg room for more comfort for the passengers. A 16-way power passenger seat, 20-way power driver seat will ensure you and your passengers will have comfortable ride. The four-wheel independent suspension and front and rear stabilizer bar makes it one of the smoothest rides you will ever experience.

Power Sun Shades
With the push of a button you can reduce bright sunlight and glare while enhancing privacy. There are 3 sunshades found in the rear and back seats. And if the rear sunshade is up and you put the car in reverse, it will automatically put the sunshade down when backing up and then automatically back up when you put it in drive.

Blind-Spot and Lane Departure Warnings
This has to be one of my favorite features of the car. When a car is in your blind spot you will get a warning with a few beeps and it will also light up on the side mirrors and on the dashboard. And if you put on your turn signal on while a car is in your blind spot, you will get an additional warning as well.

genesis g90 features

Adaptive Cruise Control
This feature blew me away the most. No need to adjust the cruise control anymore as it does it automatically for you. With smart technology it detects the car in front of you and will speed up or slow down depending on the distance between you and the car. I felt completely safe and trusted the system while driving to Chicago on cruise control while on the highway. It lived up to its standards and I was able to be at ease while driving.

Heated and Air Conditioned Seats
Yes, you heard that right. You can literally heat and cool your seats with the push of the button. This feature is found on front and rear seats.

Speed-Sensitive Volume Control
Volume on the radio automatically adjust by speed of the vehicle. It is not a tremendous increase in volume but you will noticed a difference between the highway and driving thru the neighborhood.

genesis g90 interior

While this may come with a hefty price tag starting at $68,100, I can guarantee it is one car you will love and never look back at purchasing. Visit your local Hyundai dealership to take a test drive and see what I mean.

To learn more about Hyundai you can connect with them on their social media pages like Facebook|Twitter|Instagram|Youtube.

Disclosure: Thanks to Drive Shop for allowing me to drive the vehicle. All opinions are 100% my own.

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