5 Ways Smart Home Products Make Life Easier


I am all about making life easier anyway that I can. When I got a chance to try out TP-Link’s new line of Smart Home products I was excited to turn my plain home into a smart home. I mean why not as the products are there to do all the work and help us out from our busy lives. Keeping things simple and easy can create less stress and more time to spend with family or anything else.


TP-Link’s Smart Home products are so smart that you have to check them out for yourself. The products are complete with seamless Wi-Fi integration thru the Kasa app – which is free by the way.  Using the Kasa app, you can control and customize your lighting; track your light and/or power usage from anywhere; keep your home secure; and lower your energy footprint right from your fingertips. Yes, it’s that simple!


One of my favorite features of the TP-Link’s Smart Home products is that you can activate voice control using the Amazon Echo. Smart, right?! And they are so affordable that you can have a smart home without breaking the bank with products ranging from $29.99 to $49.99. No that is not a typo either! I told you they were affordable. So how can they make life easier? Check out my reasons why below.


5 Ways Smart Home Products Make Life Easier

Saves Money on Utility Bills – By keeping the power usage on your family’s schedule will lower your electricity bill. You can control your lights by turning them on or offer at the power of your fingertips. This is great especially if you have kids like mine who turn on every single light and never turn them off.

Save Time – You no longer have to go room to room to control your electronics. If you are lying in bed and forgot to shut off some lights downstairs you can turn them off at bedside.

Control While You Are Away – There is no need to worry when you are away relaxing on vacation. Monitor everything from your smart phone while you are away.

Easy Setup – Installation of TP-Link’s Smart Home products are super easy. While I thought it would take a long time, it didn’t at all. By following easy instructions, I was set up in about 10 minutes.

Security – Having the TP-Link’s Smart Home products installed in your house will give you sense of security. When you come home at night you don’t have to walk into a dark house as you can turn your lights on inside your house from your car.

So are you convinced that you can have an easier life with TP-Link’s Smart Home products? Be sure to visit TP-L to learn more about their affordable, wifi-friendly line of Smart Home products, and use code TPLinkSmart for 20% off your purchase through 31 Dec 2016.

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