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Disney World 2020 Updates: 5 Reasons to Book Your Stay

Updated January 15, 2020

Right on the heels of some amazing new developments and just before the big Anniversary push, set your sights on a Disney World 2020 vacation! While many, many projects are still in the works, Disney World 2020 will see some breakthrough attractions and experiences. Get ahead of the crowds and visit Walt Disney World before all of the major updates and construction are complete! Disney World 2020 will offer a chance to experience brand new attractions. You’ll also get recently settled in attractions ahead of some of the more radical changes still on the horizon.

Disney World 2020 Updates

Disney World 2020 Updates

Remy Ratatouille Adventure at Disney World in 2020

Photo Credit: Disney

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

This trackless dark ride will having you shrink down to the scale of a rat as you race through Gusteau’s kitchen floor. While this will be a family friendly ride please note that there will be special effects such as water and heat. It will be a great addition to the new France pavilion opening up in Epcot the summer of 2020.


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

This Mickey Mouse Dark Ride is a historical first and one of the most technologically ambitious attractions in years. It will be an exciting foray into the animated world like never before. Plus, the attraction features the style of the new Mickey Mouse series of cartoons. These shorts are arguably the best Disney entertainment available right now.

Value Resort Maintenance

If the Skyliner isn’t enough to draw first time guests and families to experience Pop Century and the Art of Animation, the resort maintenance on all value hotels will be wrapping up during 2020. New renovations to Disney Rooms are always exciting and the value resort updates will make the Disney World 2020 stay more enjoyable on a budget. The Value resorts at Walt Disney World include All Star Movies, All Star Sports, and All Star Music; in addition to the Pop Century and the Art of Animation resorts.

Updates to Disney World 2020

Photo Credit: Disney

Disney Genie

Introducing a whole new park experience offered in late 2020. This new digital service will help make planning your trip easier and enhance your experience at Walt Disney World whether you’re a first timer or an experienced visitor. It’s all done from your phone to customize itineraries geared to your interests such as a day of tasting food at Epcot to a thrill seeker adventure. If you know what you want to do but don’t know the best time to do it ask Disney Genie and it can plan out your day with real time tips, recommendations and even making reservations. Need to change your plans? Disney Genie has you covered and will re-plan your day.

New Hotels

The Riviera is nearly complete and opening on December 16, just in time for 2020. In addition to the exciting new DVC resort, Coronado Springs will have an updated expansion. While there is still no projected date for the new Star Wars themed hotel, it may be complete in time for Christmas 2020. The Star Wars hotel is currently under construction at Hollywood Studios.

What you are you excited for at Disney World in 2020?

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