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5 Reasons to See Disney’s Moana

5 Reasons to See Disney's Moana

The day is almost her to see Moana in theaters, November 23rd to be exact. I recently saw a screening of the movie last week and it just as amazing as I thought it would be. From the scenery, characters, story, and music, Disney created perfection. The film “Moana” is about an adventurous teenager who, with help from demigod Maui, sails out on a daring mission to prove herself a master wayfinder and save her people. I could go on and on how much I loved the film but here are my top 5 reasons to see Disney’s Moana in theaters on November 23rd.


5 Reasons to See Disney’s Moana

The Story

It tells a beautiful story about the Pacific Islanders and how they voyaged across the sea, discovering the many islands of Oceania. Then one day all of the voyages stopped and no one knew why. The Pacific Islanders were the best navigators at sea and Moana knew that which is why she was puzzled that they were not allowed to cross the reef instructed by the chief. The Polynesian culture is so interesting and beautiful from how they lived and survived on an island. The story is captured beautifully in this film and you can read more about in “The Story Behind Moana“.


Moana is Strong

Even though everyone is saying Moana is the next princess, she is actually a strong-willed girl in the film and can take on just about any situation. I love that she just does not give up on her journey and conquers what she came for. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she’s always sought: her own identity. I actually got to met the voice of Disney’s Moana in August and got a chance to interview Auli’i Cravalho. This is her first movie ever and she was just as sweet and passionate about where she came from in real life as she was in the movie. I think Disney nailed it in picking her for the role of Moana.

Pacific Island Music

Disney paired up with Tony®- and Grammy®-winning lyricist/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda and three-time Grammy®-winning composer Mark Mancina to create some incredible music for the film. I love the entire soundtrack but my 2 favorites songs are “We Know the Way” and “You’re Welcome“. The music is very much what you would hear on the Pacific Islands and just make the movie more beautiful.


The Ocean Chose Her

Moana becomes one with ocean as it is a huge part of the movie. She was chosen by the ocean to take on this journey and save the island. She has a love for both – the island and the ocean. The ocean is actually a character in the film where it helps guide her along the way and even in some funny situations.

The Creators

I have to give huge credit to the creators behind the film and all of their hard work from everything to the story line, animation, music, and more. They really took their time to study the Polynesian culture by visiting the Pacific Islands and created a masterpiece right down to the backdrops. And speaking of backdrops, I actually got to meet several of the creators behind the movie that are so incredibly talented. I got to learn the story behind the movie and what it meant from the Head of Animation- Amy Smeed, Head of Story- Dave Pimentel, Story Artist- Dave Derrick, “Mini Maui” Animation Supervisor -Eric Goldberg and Development Sr. Creative Exec -Jessica Julius.


And recently met with Disney Artist Andy Harkness who graduated at an art school local to me. He flew in from LA and gave a presentation about Moana and showed everyone how he used clay models to create the scenery for the backdrops. He even showed a relapsed video on it and to see how much work really goes into creating a film.

Check out a preview of Moana below and be sure to take the whole family to see it in theaters on November 23rd!

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