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2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD Review

2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD review

When I was given the opportunity to test drive the new 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE AWD, I was beyond thrilled. After all, it’s not everyday I get the opportunity to take a brand new vehicle for a spin and test out all of its nifty features. Right off the bat I can say that I was most impressed by its sleek and stylish design. The Highlander was built with excitement in mind. A bold, aggressive grill aids in optimal airflow while the LED Daytime Running Lights add style and visibility. I could definitely see myself driving it around town for the duration of my test drive.

toyota highlander back view

Another huge selling point was that it was very roomy on the inside. It could hold up to 8 passengers, something that is great news for anyone with a big family or who likes to take lots of trips with friends. Even better still, I could just imagine how much easier trips to the grocery store would be with the extra space available for storing groceries or bigger items in the passenger areas. The second row captains chairs are also heated, which makes traveling in the cooler months all the more luxurious and comfortable.

toyota highlander inside

Additional features of the Toyota Highlander XLE AWD:


  • Increased cargo space
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Conversation Mirror
  • Rear seat entertainment
  • Turn by turn navigation system
  • Three zone automatic climate control
  • Standard backup camera with projected path
  • Blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert

toyota highlander sunroof



  • Two smart engines
  • 5,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Adjustable power lift gate
  • Chromtec Wheels

toyota highlander dash

Whether you’re staying in town or going on a cross-country trip, the Toyota Highlander XLE AWD is a great option. It can hold a single passenger, couple or family, so, no matter where your travels take you you’ll travel in style and comfort. This model was decked out with some optional equipment and starting at $38,275.
2016 toyota highlander
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Disclosure: Thanks to Drive Shop for allowing me to drive the vehicle. All opinions are 100% my own.

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