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12 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Updated April 19, 2018

 diy father's day gift ideas

 Here are 12 Super Easy, Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts kids can make for their dad.
Remember Father’s Day is on Sunday so use these gift ideas to make a quick personalized gift.



1. JUST FOR YOU POPS– Add a tie bottle topper to a soda 6 pack. All you need is makers, cardstock, and twine.


2. NUTS ABOUT DADDY– Add this printable to any canister of your dad’s favorite nuts.


3. HOMEMADE BBQ SAUCE– Add your homemade BBQ sauce to a mason jar and top it off with a hand painted paint brush.



4.  COASTERS– Use plaster or cement and add bottle caps to make the perfect personalized coaster for dad.


5. FUNGI CANDY JARS– Use a frugal container, candy, and some model magic and you have got a Fungi Candy Jar.



6. FATHER’S DAY CANDY BOUQUET– Get some candy from a dollar store and add it to a mug or a frugal container.



7. FATHER’S DAY COUPON BOOK- Print this cute Father’s Day printable coupon booklet. Comes with 6 pre-made coupons and 4 blank ones.


8. PERSONALIZED MUG– Grab a plain mug and design it with sharpie markers. Add a special treat inside the mug.



9. HOMEMADE SPICE RUB– Make homemade spice rub the way dad likes it and put it in a frugal container.


10. HANDPRINT TREE– Use your kids handprints and printable to make a handprint tree.



11. CANDY FATHER’S DAY POEM–  Have fun with making a poem out of candy using dad’s favorite treats.


12. ROCK PAPERWEIGHT– Grab a rock from Mother Nature and paint it to make a personalized paperweight for dad.


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