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11 Ways to Save at the Mall

Updated September 4, 2015

11 ways to save at the mall

There are many ways you can save at the mall without breaking the bank. Since saving money is necessary to me I wanted to share my tips to help you save too.  Why pay retail when you don’t have to? Sometimes being on a budget makes us avoid the mall, now you don’t have to. Read my tips below on how you can make your next trip to the mall a success without spending a lot of cash.

 Ways to Save at the Mall

1. Always check the sales rack.

Even though it is on the sale rack doesn’t necessarily mean it is out of style. Sometimes they may just have an overload of products or need to make room for newer or seasonal items. Sales are great if you can if they are already on discount plus and additional percentage on top of the sale. You can even find basic pieces to mix and match with your current wardrobe.


2. Look for Coupons.

You can find retail coupons in the newspaper, magazine, email, online, catalogs, or a flyer that comes in the mail. Also, be sure to check the Retail Coupon Round-Up that I post every Friday for a list of retail coupons to use.


3. Sign up for mailing lists.

Make sure you are signed up with your favorite retailers to receive their mailings. You can do this by going to the retailers website and signing up for the newsletter. Or if you are at the store, some places will ask for your email address to receive coupons via email.


4. Shop on a Weekday.

Malls are usually less busy during the weekday so you can typically find some good markdowns. The middle of the week is good to go that way they are caught up from the weekend and can begin to mark down items.


5. Avoid the store credit card.

Even though they may say that you will say a percentage off your purchase if you sign up for their credit card, don’t do it. Interest rates are usually higher than bank cards so you are not really saving.


6. Make a list.

Before you head out to the mall make a list of what you need. This will help you from impulse buying and over spending.


7. Shop Smarter.

Look for items that will already go with some items you have in your closet. This will help you create more outfits without spending too much. For example if you have a great pair of black pants find a shirt to go with it where you can dress it up or dress it down with a pair of jeans. So now you have 2 outfits instead of one.


8. Stick with your budget.

If you can leave the credit cards at home and take the cash you need for the items on your list. Keep your budget in mind while shopping and avoid paying those credit card interest rats.


9. Eat before you go.

To avoid paying the high prices for food at the mall be sure to eat before you leave. This way you are not tempted to spend you budget on food. Also, be sure to bring a bottled water to keep you hydrated and avoid spending money at the food court.


10. Comparison Shop.

Even if you just bought the item at one store, keep your eyes peeled for a better deal at another store. You may just find a similar item for a better price and then you can keep the difference or splurge on something else.


11. Know the Return Policy.

Before you buy make sure you ask about the return policy in case you get home and decide you no longer want the item. Some stores only offer a store credit so you could be stuck getting another item rather than getting your cash back.


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