10 Black Friday Shopping Tips

black friday shopping tips

With Black Friday around the corner, I thought I would share some of my top ten shopping tips for shopping on Black Friday that helps me out. Hopefully it will help you too. Check them out! Feel free to add some more tips in the comment section, if you would like to add to the list. Happy Shopping! :)

  1. Bring a Friend – take your mom, sister, aunt, or a friend with you so when you get to the store, you can split ways and get what you need from each end of the store. You can meet in the middle when you are finished. This will save time and trying to fight the crowd.
  2. Be Prepared – Make a list of what you are buying at each store and if you are using coupons, put them in separate envelopes with the store name written on the outside of the envelope. Paper clip the envelope to the ad of the store.
  3. Scope out the store – The night before scope out the store to see where they are placing the Black Friday Items. I try to go closer to closing as they are putting the items in the aisles for Black Friday. This will give you a better idea of where the items are at in the store so you can just grab and go.
  4. Know the store hours – Be sure to keep a list with you of what time the stores are open so you can plan out your shopping trip accordingly.
  5. Ask for a Gift Receipt -You may be in a hurry and a rush to get out of the store but don’t forget to ask for a gift receipt before you leave. Stick them in the right bags and later you can go through and match them up with the right product.
  6. Wear Comfy Shoes and Clothes –  You may be standing in long lines at the stores, so wear comfy shoes and even comfy clothes. If it is cold out and you know you are going to be standing outside for a long time, wear gloves, hat, a warm coat, etc. Dress accordingly to the weather.
  7. Don’t Give Up – If you can’t find an item on the shelf, be sure to look in the aisle ways, front of the store, or end caps. Sometimes the store will place large quantities of items in different areas of the store. If you still can’t find it, try to find an associate for help.
  8. Get plenty of rest– Make sure you take a nap before you head out so you are not tired or sluggish while trying to shop. Plan out your shopping strategies a few days before so you are not stressing about it the night before.
  9. Eat a good breakfast– Make sure to fill up on a good breakfast to get your body moving and your brain going so you can think straight. Also, be sure to bring plenty to drink with you so you don’t get thirsty while you are at the store.
  10. Cyber Monday – If you didn’t get the deal you wanted, don’t worry. There is always Cyber Monday where there are tons of HOT Deals at Black Friday prices or sometimes even better.

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