PURELL has a great holiday stocking stuffer with the new holiday scented jelly wraps. Not only do they smell good but they also kill 99.99% germs. The new scents are Warm Holiday Treats, Wintergreen Mint, Warm Fireplace Gathering, and Grandma’s Apple Delight. And they come with a portable jelly wrap for on the go. These would make a perfect gift for anyone for the holidays.

I got the chance to review all 4 scents and I have to say they all smell delicious. And I like the sturdy carrying case it comes with. It makes it easy to attach to my purse or my kids book bags. Since they are trusted and used by hospitals, I feel safe using the products and letting my kids use it as well. Plus, they will help keep us healthy!

You can find PURELL Holiday Scent with a Jelly Wrap Carrier at major mass, food and drug locations for $1.49 each.

To learn more about how to have good hand hygiene during the winter months, go to www. purell.com/coldandflu. It has videos, games, and more to educate of all ages.

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