Hair Care Tips for Boys

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Hair care might not fall under the radar with boys. I am lucky enough if I can get my boys to brush their hair before they head out the door before school. Breaking down the hair care into simple steps helped my boys get into a morning routine. Check out the tips below to keep the boy’s hair tamed, healthy, and styled.


Hair Care Tips for Boys

Wash Hair Daily.
Using the GRIT™ hair and body wash apply a dime to quarter size amount depending on how much hair you have to hands. Wet hair, apply the hair and body wash to the hair, lather, and rinse. Repeat if necessary. What’s nice about the hair and body wash is that boys can also wash their body with the same product leaving hair and skin moisturized with a bold masculine fragrance. If you don’t have time to get in the shower, try the GRIT™ cleanse + style dry shampoo. It cleans hair without water, breaks down styling product and eliminates odor.

Towel Dry Hair.
Gently towel dry hair before styling to prevent breakage.


Style Hair as Desired.
Apply a dime size amount of GRIT™ gel firm or medium hold to damp hair and style as desired. Allow hair to dry naturally or use a blowdryer and brush to style. Finish off the hairstyle with GRIT™ flexible style to keep hair in place.


Keep Hair Trimmed.
Mark your calendars every 3 -4  weeks to get a haircut to keep your hair looking healthy and good. A helpful tip is to get the Great Clips App that you can use for free, check in, and reserve a spot to avoid waiting to get a haircut.


What is GRIT™?

GRIT™ is a professional hair care line for men at an affordable value price. These products are easy to understand, easy to use and the assortment addresses the needs of all types of men and hair. The packaging is contemporary and masculine and the products feature masculine scents. You can find GRIT™ products at your local Great Clips at affordable prices.


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